Maxine gave me Reiki therapy as part of her voluntary work at Beechwood cancer centre, where I was attending with terminal breast cancer.
I was lucky to have Maxine as a therapist as you can feel the divine love flow from her hands. Id had Reiki before but not to such great effect, my oncologist was pleased with my recent scans with tumours shrinking and healing showing.
Naturally conventional therapy had a large part to play in that but equally the Reiki had to have played a part. At the time my appetite was very poor but on days when I had treatment Id return home and eat voraciously.
I have great faith in the love and therapy which Maxine so selflessly gives so effortlessly, I can highly recommend her work as a therapist and her loving and sharing personality; you really need to experience this personally. Amanda x

To understand Reiki you actually need a course of it. It is the most diverse experience one can enjoy - in theory nothing happens but everything changes. The universal guided life force brings one into harmony, wholeness and spiritually awakens the true self. It is my balance. Maxine's unique qualities bring a clairvoyant foresight into the equation coupled with the healing energies of Reiki this is truly dynamic. She is a must! - Lynne

Dear Maxine, You have quite simply transformed my life! For years I have been plagued with a build up of wax deep inside my ears which has on regular occasions left me almost completely deaf in one and, on some occasions, both ears.

While I can smile about it now it was not funny at the time. It affects ones balance and general sense of well- being, quite apart from being a serious handicap in social and business meetings. Trips to the doctor provided only temporary relief until my GP recommended the Hopi Candle treatment. I confess I was highly sceptical but my GP insisted it was a safe and much more effective alternative to other methods of tackling the problem.

Your treatments are not only effective but positively enjoyable! The facial massages are an added bonus and the entire experience leaves one feeling relaxed and refreshed. My husband thought it all very odd at first until he saw the results and has now become another very happy client of yours!

You have in us two devoted clients for life!! Best wishes and thank you. Felicity

I found the feeling of utter relaxation I got from the Indian Massage amazing the tension left my shoulders for the first time in weeks. - Cath

I couldn't believe how relaxed I felt afterwards, and how well I slept. My problems were stomach related and after the reiki treatment I felt normal again and was able to eat properly - result! - Linda

Having never had Reiki before, I found it incredibly relaxing - even more so than a massage. It is an hour's haven from the chaos of family / work life, and clears the mind totally. It is very therapeutic and I would recommend it to anyone! - Beccy

Hopi Ear Candles are a surprisingly relaxing way of helping me hear again!! It is a far more pleasant therapy than any of the traditional methods for unblocking ears, and is very effective. That feeling of being able to hear properly again is marvellous! - Rebecca

'I have a stressful job and often find it difficult to switch off from work. Through Reiki I experience warmth and peace. I find myself relaxing, very quickly, and enjoying a calming sensation. For me, Reiki has the effect of granting me freedom and light. It has taught me how to breathe again.' - Tony

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